Tommy Kane

barcelona1loThis drawing is by Tommy Kane.  Visit his blog HERE.

Tommy Kane is one of my favorite artists.  I'd love to get our and draw on the street more. (Not that there's a lot of 'street' here in small town Shelby). But there is enough and I could certainly start somewhere you know.  Being out in public working is intimidating, esp. with an art form that I'm not super skilled at.  Of course most people say they can't draw a straight line so I'm sure it wouldn't matter. (By the way, straight lines are overrated)

Well I just wanted to share with you one of the people who's drawings I admire.  There are more, and they will pop up here from time to time.

I'm glazing a small load of pots today and then hopefully working out in the yard.  We got doused all day yesterday, but maybe things will dry out a little.

Have a good Saturday.