3 Jars

Okay so here are 3 short videos of  the larger jars that I just unloaded from the kiln.  The one with the slips is less than I hoped for.  I do like the ones with the incising  and dabs of glaze color.  That seems to be working for me right now.  I'll put up some photos of some other things soon.




There's something that turns me off about this painted one.  I think it's the opaque character of the underglazes. I like the transparent glazes and the way I can use them over an incised line.  That is sort of bothersome as I'm not really a glaze guy and I may have to now get into it a bit more.  The little dabs of glaze work pretty well on smaller pots.  I'm not sure what to do if I go to a bigger line on larger pots.  Hummm.  Okay so I'll see.  Thanks for checking in.