I made some 5x7 tiles for a show that is happening at the Arts Council.  It was a lot of fun to make these and I know I'll be making more soon.  These got mounted on a frame made for stretching canvas for painting.  Super easy.

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The show opens tomorrow night and runs through Saturday.  It's a quick one.  All 200 + entries were donated by local artists.  The A.C. provided the 5x7 canvases.  All the art will be sold for $40 each!!  What a steal!  All proceeds go to the Arts Council, (we badly need the money).

I spent about 6 hours at the A.C. with other volunteers hanging the show today.  Man, there is some really nice work.  The show is online and you can make purchases there too.  Or call 704 484 ARTS for more info.

I am presently the Chair at the Cleveland County Arts Council and I am super proud of this organization.  We provide many great opportunities for the community.

Okay gotta run.  Tomorrow I'll be finishing up some pots so stay tuned for that. I ran some tests of some blue glazes that I'll try and share too, if I can get a decent photo (they are kinda small)