Wet Deco

wet goat decoI had a couple boards of plates to slip today.  On this last plate I decided to go for broke and do the slipping and deco all in one fell swoop.  A bit much maybe, but it's good to push things.  It doesn't get much more immediate than this, although I could have slipped it and deco'd right after it was thrown and still on the wheel.  Humm, well there are more plates to make so that could happen.

I find that it's asking a lot of my poor ol pottery brain to be able to do things like this.  It's easier to do one step at a time and to be able to sit down with 12 or so plates to decorate all at one time after they've all been slipped and sat for a while.  Maybe a day or two.  Is it worth it to push, to try and be sp0ntaneous and fresh, in the moment like this with each pot?  I'm not so sure.  Being prepared with the image in mind, or at least a starting point is very important.  There is something about the wet slip that cannot be recaptured at a later state.

So, more to think about.  More pots to make.