Barbara Chadwick-Bland

bird-broodingHey Folks. It's a rainy Monday here and I'm not potting.  Instead I've made a few trips to the landfill.  Yes, three.  My recycling has been piling up, up, up.  So now it's all gone along with the general garbage and some old carpet that I needed to haul away.

Exciting eh? No not very.  That's why I thought I'd introduce you to someone you may have not found out here in Blogger land.  Barbara Chadwick-Bland makes really fun pots that I totally dig.  She was just down the row from me on Saturday and she had a killer day.  By the time I got down there she'd sold loads of pots.  That's how great they are.  Of course I got one for me and Sarah and I also did my Mother's Day shopping with Barbara.  So any how check out her blog when you can, it's sure to put a smile on your face.