Teaching and the Universe

hubble_arp274Last night I had my class at Clayworks in Charlotte. I've been teaching there a few years now and I have to say I've really become attached to my students.  They are so energetic and love pots.  I have seen many of them make great strides in their work.  It's very rewarding to me.  Last night, Jane reported that she had made the trip to Minnesota over the weekend to go to the Potter's Tour.  Wow!  She told us all about it.  Also, Rick, who has been in my class since the beginning, brought in a Warren Mackenzie teapot to share with the class.  Rick bought it 30 years ago in Warren's showroom, it was stamped and everything.

I never thought I'd enjoy teaching but now that I've done it I understand.  Of course there are aspects that I hate, like dealing with administration or just general stuff that happens to the 'small man at the bottom'.  For me it's about the students and the pots.

On a differnt note,  Sarah and I saw some recent images from the Hubble Space Telescope on television the other day.  Last night after coming home from class I stood outside and looked into the sky.  I thought about the vastness of space and just how very, very, small I am.  Also I thought about  how amazing it is that I am part of it all.  Yes, a very, very small part, but a part none the less.

Okay that's all for now.