First Cake Stand

img_0294Jen Mecca had a post on her blog the other day about cake stands.  I'd never made one but I have seen some pretty good ones out there in the pottery world lately.  Yesterday I was trying to think of what I could demo for my class and I said, Why not a cake plate?

I took a look at a few made by Kari Radasch that I liked and pinched her design for my demo.  It went well.  Now I have to figure out how to slip this thing.  (I think I have a creative solution worked out so I won't have to brush the slip on). Now, what kind of deco. should I do?  A Beaver in a wedding dress?  Some birds?  A Goat standing on top of a cupcake?  Swirls and Flowers and Ribbons?  I don't know.  Maybe I'll mix up some pink slip.  Ha.

Anyhow I feel really crummy that I'm not making pots at the moment.  Or not many anyhow.  I spent today on a side project with my friend Amy.  I want to get in the shop tomorrow for sure and make a few pots.

Well, until next time, happy potting....and cake eating.