A Few New Pots...

and some really bubbly glaze tests.

I was pleased with my firing even though there were some problems with a few things.  First of all the glaze tests were insane!  Bubbles anyone?  I think I may have put the wrong frit in this test.  All these were the same base with different colorants.  So I will try these again after I mix up a new batch.

The flower blocks looked great but are un-saleable due to small areas of slip flaking off.  Why?  I slipped them too late, they were a bit dryish.  So I know what's up with that and  I can fix it.  It's when I don't know what's happening that I freak out, no need for that here, I know what I did and can correct it.  I am disappointed that I won't be able to have them at the sale this weekend.

Click for larger, complete image.

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I was pleased to have some more tiles to mount and I will be debuting those to my Charlotte customers tomorrow at the ClayMatters Sale. (Not those bubbly ones of course)

Okay gotta go finish packing.  I probably forgot to say something but if so I'll add it later.  Thanks for checking in.