And the Winners Are....

Last night was the opening for the Cleveland County Arts Competition show at the Arts Council.  We had a great turnout to see all the fantastic artwork made by residents of this county.   Below are the first, second and third place winners.  Click on the thumbnail for the full image.

First place went to Jesse English for his untitled work below.  This piece was really fun and invited you to come right up to it.  Looking into the eye piece you found that you were being looked back at by pairs of ever changing eyes that were digitally projected from the inside of the object.  Totally cool!


Second place went to Sally Jacobs for her painting "The Moment". (below)


Third place went to yours truly for this jar....


Juror John Ford had this to say about my work:
"When I approached the vessel made by Ron Philbeck, I was initially intrigued by it's somewhat ironic shape.  I used to make pots on a wheel, and worked around other potters, and I can say the form seems a bit unusual, and is really pleasing to the eye.  But, I was hardly prepared for the "Jar with Bird, Possum, Rabbit, and Chicken" crowd, and found myself just chuckling at that nutty bunch of characters.  Serious vessel's need comic relief, as do jurors making decisions about prizes"

I'll post the 3 entries that got Honorable mentions later.