Still No Modem

It's been weird not having the internet all weekend at home.  I'm still waiting for the new modem to arrive  so I'm at the library again today.  At one point on Saturday I drove up to a Senior Living Apartment complex a mile up the highway from home.  I sat in the parking lot and checked my email.  Luckily no one's grandmother ran out and asked me what I was doing.

Sarah and I worked all day Sat. on various projects.  We got the concrete on the porch stained.  If you weren't around for the last staining project you can visit that post HERE.  We use iron sulfate, sold by Hi Yield as Copperas, to stain the slab.  Sarah likes to add a bit of strongly brewed coffee to the mix.  We use 1 lb of Copperas to one gallon of water plus about 1.5 cups of strongly brewed coffee.  Spray this mixer on the slab (you can wet the slab down first)  Let dry and hose off (or mop if indoors).  A second coat can be applied if it's not dark enough or you can use more iron sulfate.  I'll put the sealer on this soon and it will look much darker.

Click for larger image:

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Sarah said if we worked this hard every Saturday our place would be amazing.  Yep.

This time next week I'll be at Penland!!!!  Yea!!!

I've got lots of blogs to catch up on.  Hopefully I'll be online from home by tomorrow.  Thanks for checking in.