Today's Exercise

Today's exercise was to find an object to serve a powdered doughnut on.  We were to consider the texture, color, feeling etc, of both the doughnut and the object. Here are some of the things we came up with.  We had a great discussion about food, serving, making specific things for specific purposes as well as how to  make a move to get hand made ware into the hands and on the tables of local caters, restaurants, food shows, etc.

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I would love to start thinking about having a meal at a local resturant in Shelby with all the food prepared by a local chef or cook using as much local ingrediants as possible.  Guests would pay to come to have a meal. I'd design all the tableware, serving dishes etc.
My pal Jen Mecca did something similar to this for her thesis in grad. school.  I think it would be a fun event.