Why I'm Here

I had a one on one with Ayumi yesterday and we talked about my work.  It was just what I needed.  Basically she told me I needed to explore my imagery more, go back further and see where what I am trying to do comes from.  Also she said it would be good for me to try out different tools to draw with, work with line, expression, and such.  She mentioned looking at real animals, studying proportion and anatomy of those creatures that I am drawing, break out of the somewhat generic quality that they have.  There was more but that was the jist of it.

I wrote a grant and got money to come here.  My goal for the grant project was to improve and explore surface, so now that I've been here almost a week and had some feedback I am going to delve into that.  Which probably means making lots of slabs to draw on and less pots.  Which is cool with me.  I'm not here to make pots to take home, I'm here to move forward in my work.  To take some risks, take the next step.
I'm ready.