For Discussion

jar_birdI want to put something out here for us to discuss.  It's sort of bad timing considering all the mess with the economy right now, but I figure I'll throw it out here and we'll muck our way through it.

I recently bought a $95 pair of shoes for the summer.  Chacos.  I love shoes.  I esp. love my Keens and these Chacos aren't bad either.

Anyhow I really don't mind forking out $100 for shoes b/c I know the ones I buy will make my life better.  I buy good shoes that will last, that look good, and that feel good when I wear them for long periods of time.  The shoes I buy are investments.  My feet are happy.

What kinds of purchases do you make?  Electronics? Coffee? Books? Furniture? Art?  Gourmet Food?  Clothing?  Handbags?

Now how about pottery? Over the years I've bought lots of pots.  Good pots.  Pots I love.  Pots to use and enjoy.  Pots make my life better.  I could go on with the reasons but most of you get it so I won't.

Now, how do we as potters convey this message to our customers or future customers?  And how do we elevate our craft to a place where people are willing to spend a little more on a handmade pot?  I mean folks don't think twice about going out and buying a $50 meal or a $40 shirt. (I know some people do, but I'm not talking about them) ( I realize I'm talking about a specific market).

(Many of you know I came to pots through that Warren Mackenzie philosophy and my cups were $12 for years.  So I'm not someone who doesn't see both sides of this).

I'm just getting the ball rolling here.  If you're a blogger maybe you can post some thoughts on this.  Please leave a comment.  If you're not a potter but a pottery lover I'd like to hear comments from you too.

I feel like I've always done a good job at educating my customers and our friends and family about pots.  We bring folks into our house and open our cabinets for them.  They see all the plates, and mugs and bowls and Sarah and I share how much we enjoy using them.  We always eat off handmade pots.  No paper plates here.

Let's talk about this and see where it goes.