img_0354New do.  Well I don't think it qualifies as a 'do' as there's not that much to do to it.

I went to the barber shop this morning.  There was a big man in his 60's in the chair ahead of me.  He had on Pointer Brand overalls, sneakers, AND he had a mohawk!  That's right.  Now it was a short one, but still this guy was doing his own thing.  Gray hair and a nice gray goatee to boot.  Pretty weird around here I'm telling ya.  I opted for my clipper cut, nice and cool for the summer time heat.

So I've got a bisque cooling.  Just a few pots to finish before I head out for my trip.

Also I finally got my gallery packets together and sent out 9 yesterday.  A few went to galleries in NC but most went out across the country.  Now that I have everything in order it will be easy to send out another round when I need to.

Speaking of galleries, Donna, from Southern Pottery came by Monday and picked up a nice selection of pots.  If you are in the Columbia, SC area be sure to go by and visit Southern Pottery in it's new location on 3105 Devine Street.