Getting Ready

toolsI'm getting all my tools together.  I mainly use just a few things when I make pots, a sponge, 3 main ribs, and a stick.  I have 2 trimming tools I use most, also  a regular cut off wire and a twisted one.  That said I'm taking way more than I'll use.  Since we are going to be doing some dry throwing  I am taking a larger selection of ribs and trimming tools.

I love the Sherrill Mudtools, esp the rubber ribs.  I mainly use a green one and a yellow one.  However, I have been using some metal ribs lately and I like the surface they leave on the pots.

So that's the easy packing done. Now I have to go see if I have enough boxers and tee shirts to last two weeks. (of course I only need half as many as I can turn them inside and get double use!!)