Doing Great.

This building is called The Pines.  The Dining Hall is here, the coffee shop and some housing.   This was shot from the porch on the clay studio.  Its a great day here today, not too hot, nice and sunny.


Ayumi did a wet throwing demo of mugs and teapots (w. parts).  She's got a cool system for making lids.  I'll try and get some pics of it this evening.  I forgot to take pics of the dry throwing demo yesterday but she'll be doing more so I'll be sure and snap a few.


This is Dave from Detroit.  He sits beside me in the studio. Cool guy, he's a mechanical engineer by day working on safety systems for GM.  He knows all the crash test dummies!

dave_technoAs you can see we are high tech here in the clay studio!

I feel good today.  I've found some direction and have ideas about what I want to think about/work on while here.  It's sort of easy to put pressure on myself to make some sort of breakthough while here or something.  What I realized this morning was that I just need to pay attention, slow down, and work.  And Look.  And pay attention.  And ask myself questions. And have Fun.  No problem!

More later......