Slip Tip.

I wanted some wavey action along the bottom of this larger jar so I turned it over and slipped it on the banding wheel.  I waxed the rim so I wouldn't have to wipe all that off later.  (I've had a few people tell me they didn't know you could wax leather hard pots.  Sure you can.)  I get the waves by pouring the slip from a cup.

upside down

Here's the righted jar with it's lid.  Should have put some wavy-ness on the lid too but I didn't think of that until I was finished.  Next time.


Man, what a good day in the studio.  I have no idea how I'm gonna glaze these pots I drew on today.  Ha!  I want some color on there.  Dots would be good.  ? Or filling areas. ?  I even had this spattering idea.  Yikes.  That may be a bit adventurous, and disastrous.