Public Art Project

cansI spent most of the day yesterday working with my good friend Amy.  I am helping her with a project that she is heading.  We are tiling 12 trash receptacles that will line Central Ave. in Charlotte, NC.  Above is a picture of two cans that have been installed at a bus stop on Central Ave.

We have 3 different main designs that share a common design on two sides.  Amy has been great with keeping everything organized as we work on all this in her modestly sized studio.  I'm learning so much about tiles.  It's pretty cool.

Below are a few shots from yesterday.  I worked loading kilns for a bit then started gluing tiles on the mesh.  Amy was glazing.  One picture shows a small mock up of another one of the designs.

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The trash cans are cast in concrete and weigh at least 300lbs.  So we have to do all the installation with them in a vertical position.

I am hoping that the members of the community as well as those who commute along Central Ave.  will enjoy the bright colors and patterns that we are bringing into the area.