Not Chicken

I asked Sarah before she left work the other morning what she wanted for dinner that night.  "Something with chicken would be nice " was her reply.

So I made pepperoni pizza.


Well we didn't have any chicken in the freezer and we did have pizza dough.  So that was that and she loved it.

IMG_0665_smWe ate off of our two Kirk Lyttle plates.  I love how fun they are.  Kirk is an illustrator for the St. Paul Pioneer Press and a potter to boot.  There's not much about him on web, but I did get to meet him on one of my visits to MN and he's such a great fellow. I would love to have a few more of his pots.


IMG_0668Kirk often fires his work in Linda Christianson's wood kiln alongside her pots.

Still no internet at home, but I'll keep trucking it up to the library to post and check emails.