A few new pots

I fired a small load of pots yesterday.  Things went well and I got some good information.  I think I'll be happier with my surface quality  if  I thin out my slip. That way  more clay will show through.  As it is now things are a bit too sterile looking for my taste.  Still good pots though.  Also I had some plates that had areas of bare clay left and I really like that.  I made some mugs today and left the interiors bare, that will be a change in the next firing.

Click for larger image


Possum bowl.


Dog mug .


Backside of Dog mug.


Cereal bowl with cow.  I do like those runny bits of glaze.


Mug with Cow.

bowl_detailDetail of outside of the possum bowl.

I have another load in the kiln that will fire off tomorrow and be out by Thursday.  I tried some black inlay in the drawn lines and went back to green and amber as my primary accent glazes.  I also thinned out the glaze a little.  Should be a whole differnt look than the above pots.  We'll see.