More Pots from Today's Firing

Squirrel. Side ASo here are a couple of mugs with their A and B sides.  You'll notice that the mug with the possum and all the other pots have black slip inlay in the incised deco.  I think I like this more than just the bare line.  First off it gives me that pen and ink feeling, and second I really like how the process of inlaying the slip dirties up the surrounding slip giving it an aged look.  I have thinned down my glaze quite a bit and I like the dry surface of these pots.  Thinning down the slip in the next batch of pots will help too I think, although these are not bad at all.

Squirrel. Side B.

Possum mug with inlay. Side A

Possum mug. Side B

Long Baker

Baker detail

Baker. Side B.

I did have a few underfired pots in this load, so I'll refire them.  I had some delayed crazing from the last load of pots.  This crazing business is driving me nuts.  I thought I'd be okay using that commercial glaze and firing to cone 07, but no luck!  So I've gone back to a Gerstley based glaze and the fritted glaze I've used for months.  These both have issues of their own,but I'm hoping that thinning them out will solve everything. (All digits crossed.)

For now I'm happy and feel like I'm moving in the direction I want.