Four Forty What??

If you've been looking closely you've probably noticed the numbers 441, 443, and 446 on my pots over the last several months.    "What is that all about?", some have asked.


Well, I was decorating one day and the number 441 popped in my head.  I put it on the pot and didn't realize until later what that number meant to me.  I think I was drifting off to sleep one night and I said "Ah 441, that's that Warren MacKenzie glaze."   Problem was that the more I thought about it I wasn't sure if 441 was the right number.  It occurred to me to look it up, but I didn't.  Later I thought, "Oh, it's 443".  That didn't feel right for long, and I finally realized it was 446!  I then looked it up and sure enough it's 446.


Most of you know that Warren is a hero of mine, so this is a little tribute to him.  I've sort of turned 441,443, and  now44 6 into a fictional beverage.  I guess it's beer, but if I was true to Warren I'd probably make it Scotch Bourbon.  So that may change.

In the plate above I've got the good ole boy questioning this strange beer that he's been handed.

This plate is a nod to Kevin Snipes whose work I really love.