Things to Share

I've had some great things come my way over the past two weeks and I thought I'd share them now.

I have been asked to send a few pots to a show at the McGill Duncan Gallery in Castle Douglas, Scotland.  The show is called  Feast of Pots and will be up in September. Of course Hannah had a hand in promoting me for this. Thanks Hannah!

I was accepted into the Strictly Functional Pottery National Show this year. It's the first time I'd applied.    There were 1152 entries from 514 artists and juror Pete Pinnell chose 105 objects for the show.

I have also been asked to send up to 3 entries to an exhibition entitled "Think Outside the Box"  at Cedar Creek Gallery later this year.  The show will open October 9th and will feature, you guessed it boxes.  I'll have to get my thinking cap on for this one.  You'll see what I come up with in the next month or so.

And lastly I'll be having a solo show at NC Crafts Gallery in the Spring of 2010.  I am totally stoked about that!

Yey!!  Good stuff that I'm all very thankful for.

Just as a plug...I am looking to do some workshops, so if you or an organization you know of, would like a one or two day demonstration type workshop please contact me.  I can also do a longer hands on workshop too.  I am happy to send my credentials to be looked over.  I can be reached by email:  ronpots2 at yahoo dot com  or by phone 704 480 6046.

Time to get some cups slipped.