Deco. and Foot


Above are some plates I decorated this morning.  I have an order for some plates and they said go heavy on the wash line and the possum imagery.  A couple of these have some experimental stuff happening (rabbit and cupcake).

IMG_0681While at Penland I worked out a bowl and plate foot that I think suits my pots better.  Above is an example that I cut today.

I am drawing on the bottoms of all the plates now and signing them too.  For years I have used my RP chop but I'm beginning to change that.  I am in the process of figuring out how to mark my work using my name, either 'philbeck' or 'r.philbeck'.   We talked a lot about marketing while at Penland and now that more of my work is going further away from the studio I think it's important for folks to be able to identify the maker.  I want to sell pots and making it easy for people is part of that.  Any Google search for 'philbeck' and 'pottery' will turn up my website or some way that someone could find me.

It's fun for me to see how my ideas about pots and the way I work are changing.  My old ways have served me well for years, but now I want to move forward.  I still have strong feelings about preserving the integrity of the foot of a pot.  I want to respect that place and still get my name on the pot.  I've been experimenting with little slipped 'tags' on the sides of bowls where I can write my name.  I've also been thinking about a small circular stamp of 'philbeck'.  Anyhow things are changing and I'm having fun and that's good for me.