Andy_RonHere we are, Andrew and me.  We had our first blog contact on July 6, 2006 and the chain of my blogging with UK potters began.  It was wonderful to finally meet Andrew in person.  He is a great fellow with a good wit about him.

We went into the St. Ives Gallery owned by John Bedding and looked at works by Hamada, Clive Bowen, Nic Collins, Ruthanne Tudball and Phil Rogers just to name a few.  It was great to have that time with him looking at all the great pots.

I feel like I only know a little part of Andrew, he's pretty complex.  But the part of him I know is a sweet, honest, unassuming fellow who is a true lover of pots and clay and he's willing to take chances and risks as he moves forward with his work.  His last firing has been his finest to date I think.

Hopefully we'll have many years as friends to learn more of one another and share our pottery adventures.

Cheers Andy!