Home Sweet Home

R_S_Neal_YardSarah and I arrived back in North Carolina last evening.  Needless to say we had a wonderful adventure in England.  It all seems like a whirl wind now, and much of it was.  I have over 400 pictures to sort though and many will make it to my Flickr account so I'll let you know when those are up.  I'll post through the week with images and highlights here too.

Thanks to everyone who hosted us. This trip was so special in that we met face to face all the people who I have been in getting to know online for years.  I'll be posting pics of us all as the week progresses.

Pots!  Yes, there were pots galore!  Many made it back to our home.

The image above was taken in Neal's Yard in London.  It was one of the quiter spots we found to sit and rest.  I loved the colourful buildings.  Monty Pyton lived for sometime in the building with the blue windows.

Check in later today as I'm sure I'll get more on here.