Cone 1 Salt


I've been obsessing a bit today.  It's a troublesome problem and eats up time and energy.  Any how, I'm shooting to do a low fire salt firing pretty soon.  So I get in my head all the possibilities and then run amok for hours.  Rummaging through glaze notes, books, going down and looking at the kiln.  Surfing the Internet.  Crazy me, a monkey on the loose.

So at this point I think it's a good idea to try for cone 1.  Why?  Well it just seems right.  Possiblity because I can come up with an interior glaze that will have a bit more range than say a cone 03 or 04 glaze.  Well I've got three cone 1 recipes.  Hum. Enough to give it a go right? Right.

Slips for low fire salt. ? I've got a couple ideas.  Paul Soldner has one out there that may be good.  And some T-6 kaolin would be good too probably.

Oh, and I want to have an amber glaze and a copper green to decorate with on the outside over the slip.  I'll try oxides in the base glazes I have.  Except no copper in the one w. Frit 3124 cause that will go turquoise won't it? I think so.

See there's so much going on here in my pottery brain.

I am wanting a bit of  a sheen on the slip.  Soda ash wash maybe.

I'll be doing some incising you know.

Exciting. Unpredictable. Frustrating. Disappointing. Rewarding.  All words to describe salt firing.

The plan is to put salt cups throughout the kiln and in front of the burners.  It will be a light salt glaze.  Hopefully get some action from the copper that's gonna be in that one glaze.

Okay well I should stop right?  I should make some pots and just go for it.  There's only so much you can think about.  Action.  That's next.