Coffee With Clary

IMG_0838One of the great things about living with hand made pottery is having those special pots that really connect the user to the maker or that make the experience of use very special.

Sarah and I visited Clary Illian several years ago and bought a few pots including this mug.  It's not a mug I use every day.  Mostly I like it for coffee on Sunday mornings or hot chocolate on a cold winter day.  I love the volume of this pot and the open-ness of the top.

We had a nice talk with Clary that day and every time I use this cup I remember being there at her table talking and eating.  It was a very meaningful experience for me to get to visit with Clary in her home and studio.

The handle of this cup has a quirky little Clary thing going on at the top.  I swear she can do just about anything.