Back to Making

A good day today.  After lunch (after it had gotten good and hot in the studio) I got in the shop and made this group of pots.  They are for an upcoming show.  I just knocked out the whole group and I figure I'll get them footed, handled, slipped and whatnot over the weekend and fired next week.  A good feeling, getting my hands back in the clay.

IMG_1410I've been admiring medieval jugs from Italy.  This one below is especially nice.  I like that added spout.  It's more or less an upside down teapot spout.

mi05020e11a_smAnd so I had a go at one today.  Couldn't get that strappy handle thing to work so I went with one of my own.  I'll get this guy all deco'd out.


It's been ages since I made any jugs so I am aiming to make some more like this as well as some oval ones with added spouts.  I sort of feel like I may as well make a jug that is special you know, not just a run of the mill, dime a dozen sort.

It will be fun to see how this fellow pours...or doesn't.