IMG_1512It doesn't make sense to mix glazes, unload a bisque, wax, apply base glaze and decorative glaze, and reload a kiln all in the same day.  I'm sure most of us have done it though, or something as tiring and demanding.  Potter's are hard workers that's for sure.

So no making for me today.  Here's a shot of another of the spouted jugs.  Sarah says the deco. on this one is a bit suggestive.

Suggestive of what? I ask.  Heck, I've got people mistaking my possums for rats, my squirrels for beavers, and saying my owls look like a resturant's mascot.  It doesn't matter what I draw, someone is going to think it's something else anyhow!!  Ha, ha!  Good stuff.  So anyways it's all in the eye of the beholder.