Friday Drawings

IMG_1521I drew on a bunch of pots today.  It's good to get this little batch almost ready for the kiln.  They have to all dry out enough for me to knock off the burrs and blast them with the air hose before going into the bisque (probably Sunday).   This is a test run of clay and I'm going to fire it with a commercial clear glaze and some line blends of another glaze to try and solve my crazing and crawling problems.

IMG_1522The bird image on the bowl on the right is  from an English jug made in the mid 1800's by Robert Fishley.  It's a bit folky but I like it.


The design on the bowl below  is a copy of a design I saw on an Italian majolica pot.   I'm trying to learn to do the whole viney/flowery thing.

IMG_1524You can click on these for bigger images.