What day?...

IMG_1557I can't believe it's Friday already!  All day yesterday I thought it was Wednesday.  Well it was a good day all around anyhow.  I finished up some things and got started on others.  I finally got around to making some lists of pots I need for upcoming shows too.  That helped a lot.  I feel more focused now.


I'm making fewer kinds of pots than I did when I was salt glazing.  I feel like I'm focusing more on making each pot work, getting the deco right, getting the forms right, trying to marry it all together.  I feel like I had worked out most of my basic forms when I was doing high fire.  Now I'm fine tuning them a bit.  And of course the drawing and glazing part has been a new challenge.

IMG_1559I'm getting ready for my Fall Sale which is the 26th and 27th.  The showroom is a bit of a mess right now.  I talked to Sarah about it last night and I think over the weekend I am going to pull all the pots off the shelves and decide which one's are really worth putting back out.  Of course most all of them are good in some way, but I am at the place where I really want to show and sell my best and most current work.

I have lots on my mind but I'm not doing very well getting it out here this morning.  I'll see what I can do later.  For now, Happy Friday.