Home Sales Part 1

IMG_1727 I thought I'd take time to share some information about my Home Sales.  I've been having a sale at home since 1996.  The first ones took place in my father's front yard.  I set up some tables and put out the pots.  That was before I had any computer experience so I used a photocopier to make a black and white flyer that I sent to family and friends.  It was a good beginning and I have carried on ever since.

I have 3 or 4 Home Sales a year.  Usually in March, June, September, and November/December.  The Holiday sale runs two weekends including the Friday after Thanksgiving and the first weekend in December.  The others are held one weekend.

I think one of the best things a potter can do right from the beginning is to start collecting names and addresses of people who buy your pots or who are seriously interested.  I have been doing this since 1996.  I stay away from just putting my mailing list out in my booth for just anyone to sign.  I find I get lots of people who for some reason just want to put down their info. and never come out here.  If someone buys a pot I ask if they would like to be on the list.  Or if I am talking to someone and I see that they are genuinely interested I'll ask them.

You don't have to have a fancy showroom or space to have a Home Sale.  For years I would clean up the studio and show in there.  If you have a deck, or porch that would work too.  Some folks even open up part of their homes and display the work.  Or you can set up outdoors.  I have found that people love seeing where the pots are made and where and how the artist lives.  It gives them a story to connect to.  They connect to you and to the work and to the enviroment in which it is made.  When they pull that pot out at a dinner party they'll say to their friends, "We drove out to Shelby to Ron Philbeck's pottery.  It was such a great day, the pots were great, we talked to Ron and Sarah and had coffee.  I really loved this baker and I had to buy it."

How do I know that happens?  Because I've been that person.  I've gone to Home Sales that other potters have for years.  It's a great experience.

Okay so this is getting long and there's more info to share so I'll do that in Part 2.