This was one of the first pots I made when I switched to earthenware.  We use this serving bowl pretty often and I really like how it's aged just in a short period of time.  I made this before I had done much research into clay bodies or glazes.  The body is fairly groggy and underfired.  The cups I made out of this clay seeped terribly.  Needless to say I didn't sell those and came up with a body that wasn't pourous.

The slip was rather refractory too and the amber glaze crazed. Honestly all these imperfections have made this a nice pot.    I love the raw clay underneath and how the glaze is a bit messy there in that one spot.


Of course it's nice to have materials that work, clay that fires properly and glazes that fit.  I don't want my cups to leak or glazes to be fragile or chipping off.

I want to keep this pot in mind as I continue to work.  Hopefully I can get some of these nice qualities working with some of the more refined materials I'm using now.