Operation C.U.P.

My friend Arthur Halvorsen in Boston came up with a great idea recently.  He is encouraging folks who love pots to gift a handmade cup to their best friend.  This in a effort to share all that we love about hand made pots and hopefully turn some people on to that experience.  Arthur is calling this Operation C.U.P. (Citizens Using Pottery)

To find out more visit Arthur's Fan Page.  He has several posts there talking more about Operation C.U.P.    I especially liked this one by Laurie Erdman.


As potters I think sometimes we take for granted the enjoyment we get from using handmade pots.  I know I often think everyone must have great cups in their cupboards.  A few years ago we stayed in some friends beach house and I was so disappointed in finding all  boring, commercial, industrial, dishes in the cabinets.  The next time we go I'll be sure to take a few pots to leave behind.  In the mean time I'll follow Arthur's movement and gift a cup to someone.   Spread the love.