Rowing Along

IMG_1550I had a couple good firings over the past week.   I am working at 2 different temps at the moment to try and get my glazes worked out.  I have issues with both tempertures.  At the higher I have a clear glaze crawling problem.  At the lower, I don't quite have the colors I want.  It's all getting sorted, but slowly.  In the mean time I'm content with the pots, knowing that I'll eventually find my middle ground.

I do feel a bit 'out at sea' lately.  I have shows coming up and I haven't really set out a make list or dates to be working towards.  I'm making progress, but it'd be nice to know I was headed towards shore.  So this evening I plan on making a calendar for the shop and setting up some lists of pots for each event.

That said, I'm updating the Events Page too.

Also, the Etsy shop is currently empty.  I plan on having an inventory of pots in there ASAP.  I'll keep ya posted.

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