Sacred Space

I went in one day last week ready to make pots and found my wheel in this messy state.  Yuck. Not a inspiring sight.  I have been reading Free Play:Improvisation in Life and Art again and there is a part where the author mentions the workplace as sacred space.

I remembered this and decided to clean up a bit before I started making the plates I had planned for the morning.

I hate having a water bowl half full of slip. Plus it was cold.  I emptied it out and replaced it with nice warm water.  A much more pleasant experience for throwing on a cold morning.

I am going to try and take this information with me each time I enter the studio.  That is, that this is my creative place, where I come to work and play and think and solve problems.  I could go so far as to say it's my temple, but I won't.  It is my pottery shop, and well, for me that's a special place and I want to be in a special mindset when I am there.  I can certainly try to create a more conductive atmosphere for my 'Muse' as the author of Free Play would say.

There's no reason this idea can't expand into other parts of life also.  For instance in the kitchen, or at my sketch book, or here at the computer.  Taking time to be centered, to be present, to be alive, so that I can fully create, relax, or enjoy each moment will certainly be a good thing to strive for.

So, I hope everyone has a good Monday.