My First Cups

I went over to Amy Sander's today for a handbuilding lesson.  (Amy did not go into labor today, thank goodness)  Anyhow, it was really fun to have Amy as my personal instructor.  Wow, that girl is good.  She taught me how to make a few different cup shapes using soft slabs.  Amy is very patient and has the steps down pat so she knows just what to tell you.  I was pretty successful with each cup.

The picture above shows a couple of the shapes we made.  My two tries are in the center and the other two are Amy's.  The cups on the right are upside down and hadn't gotten the bottoms or handles yet.  These were made cylindrical and then darted.  The V shaped cups were easier (they didn't have handles or bottoms yet either).

We ran out of time before I got to finish my 3 cups so I'll do that tomorrow and show them then.

It's fun to learn new things!