Very short video showing the dogs on the jars that I made on Friday.  Cats to follow soon.


A bit of a odd day.  I spent a good part of the morning looking online for a supplier of shipping materials.  I am tired of scrounging for peanuts and boxes and bubblewrap.  I know a lot of folks do find these things for free and I have too but often it amounts to a large amount of time and in the end I'm not happy with the hodge podge of sizes of boxes that I end up with.  I found last year that if I have the right supplies on hand then I have no problem packing up a shipment of pots.  What drove me crazy was when I didn't have what I needed or I had to 'make' a box out of another box so things would fit, or so I could double box.

So today I ordered 10" , 16", 18" and 20" cubes.  I have a local supply of 12" and 14" cubes.  I ordered a big roll of 1/2" bubble wrap and a huge bag of packing peanuts.  I should be set for quite some time.  I  even ordered some "Fragile" stickers!  I'm tired of writing Fragile on the boxes in red magic marker.  It was just over $200 with delivery but I think it's money well spent and I can spend my time making pots instead of dumpster diving.

I know some folks will ask who I ordered from. I used ULine.  They had the best prices I could find.  I do find THIS a bit disturbing, and also the fact that I got a free Hall and Oates CD with my purchase!  What the heck??

I did get in the studio to work a bit and also to sort out pots that will be going to galleries soon.  I will be sending work to Lillstreet Art Center as well as Mud Fire Gallery for both of their Holiday events.  I'll probably be delivering new work to Pottery 101 in Salisbury soon too.  Southern Pottery in Columbia SC has new from me on hand so get down there in you can.

Okay, it's supper time and time to get off the computer.  Hope you all had a good start to the week.