Relays and Rabbits

Working on something special for the first of the New Year.  Stay tuned.

I replaced the relays in my kiln today. No biggie. Just take a wire off the old relay one at a time. Plug it into the new relay before moving on to the next wire.


I ended up not replacing those wires.  It looks to me like they are exactly the same as the 'new/upgraded' ones they sent and the existing ones look they are in fine shape to me.  So I may send those new ones back.

We are off to a party later.  I am looking forward to seeing folks and being in a festive mood. I just made these cheese shortbread snacks. More still in the oven.

Yum.  I am taking those and some pickled okra.  I hope you've all had pickled okra before, if not just come on over sometime and we'll open a jar.

Well that's it for now.