Here I Am

Things here are still pretty busy as some of Sarah's family are still in town.  Really it won't wind down till after New Year.

Christmas was extra special this year.  It snowed!  I've never had a white Christmas so it was neat to have a big wet snow on Christmas day.  We didn't have our usual sleet/freezing rain mixture to ruin it either.  It's all melting away now but it was beautiful while it lasted.

I got a Mac laptop for Christmas.  It's pretty cool.  I'm having an adjustment period though.  I'll get used to it.  The Macbook doesn't have an SD card slot which is disappointing.  I have a USB card reader but it's just one more thing to keep up with.  Also I need to decide what program to use for editing and saving my images.  I use a cheap program on my PC now that is so quick and easy.  I'm gonna miss it, I guess until I figure something out on the Mac.

I've decided to wait until just before the Chinese New Year to release the Year of the Rabbit pots.  I have a few more to make.  I want to have some backups to try some designs on.

So today there will be a bit of work out in the studio.  I still have to get it all back in working mode.

I have some good ideas for future blog posts and hopefully I'll shoot some video soon too.  Maybe with the new computer I can jazz up the videos some.

All for now.