Me, me,me

Sarah and I went out shopping yesterday.  Sarah bought gifts for folks.  I pretty much shopped for myself!

I love socks.  My standards are SmartWool.  I have summer ones and nice warm winter ones.  SmartWools are pretty boring as far as looks go though. Maybe a color on the band, but otherwise they are all function and little fashion.

My favorite  socks ever is a pair made by Tabio that I bought in London last year.  The Tabio shop was amazing. Here is a shot of one display.  I bought the orange and gray striped ones with the yellow band. (Second shelf down, far left)

Sadly, my Tabios got destroyed last week.  I left them laying on the floor and Karma chewed the heel out of one.  Maybe I can re-purpose them as something else?

Yesterday I popped into Brooks Brothers and bought two new pairs of socks...

Fun.  Not as upscale as my Tabio pair but still good.  (Tabio doesn't sell in the US)

And finally I'll show you the other pot I bought (for myself!) while I was down in Georgia last week.  A wonderful jar by Ron Meyers featuring a Rabbit and a Fox.

It's amazing.  I'm keeping my tea in it so I get to use it several times everyday.

I've got a few special orders to fill this week.  It will be nice to get back on the wheel today.  The orders are for cups, so I'll enjoy making them.

Have a good start to the week everyone!