Sure the wind is howling and it's a bit cold but the Sun has been shining all day!! Hurrah!!

Honestly I've been in a poor frame of mind for almost 2 months now.  Today has been the best day I've had, all day long.

I finally got all caught up on pots I had made last week.  These little  bowls got handled and slipped today. ( I had an extra handle and didn't want it to go to waste)(Which gave me a bit of a Virginia Scotchie moment).

I made plates and mugs and serving bowls today.  Also made up some Lists for what I have coming up and need to get snapping on.

There are no pots listed on my Etsy site.  How can I expect to sell anything with an empty shop?  That will be resolved soon.

Cider Report:
The Autumn Gold from Eve's was soooo good.  Yes, it was a Tuesday night but who cares?  Sarah and I enjoyed the whole bottle last.  It looks like I'm going to be ordering a case in the next couple weeks.  We'll try the Bittersweet this weekend (if we can wait that long).