I'm a Happy Potter

Okay folks here are some of the pots just out of the kiln and I think they are pretty awesome!   This first platter is about 16" in diameter.  I'm gonna start making these bigger next week.  I'm digging the deco. Yes that's pink!  I'm totally cool with that!

This next one is 14" in diameter.  I really love those thick wipes around the edges. More of that in the future.

This bowl is deeper but hard to tell in this photo. It's a nice size serving dish, 12" diameter.

If you remember this post from way back you will see I finally got around to making a similar pot.

There were a few more pots in the kiln but these are the eye catchers.  Come on out to the Spring Sale on Saturday and one of these beauties can be yours.  (If I can let go of them by then, I do like them a lot! Ha.)