Updated Events Page

Hi there folks. Hope you all are well wherever you are.  I have updated my Events Page (right sidebar)  Just wanted to let you know so you can mark your calendars for upcoming or future sales and shows.  I haven't pinned down dates for my Summer or Fall Sales here at the pottery, but I will soon and will let ya know.

So I had planned on going up to see my pal Michael Kline today, but things didn't line up right for me so I had to cancel.  Bummer. Looks like MK had a good firing so get over to Sawdust and Dirt to check it out.

I am impatiently waiting for my kiln to cool. Staring at it doesn't seem to be helping. Guess I'll get it unloaded after supper.

We have a new restaurant in town. Bombay Indian Restaurant.  I am heading over to get some takeout soon.  Sarah and I ate there over the weekend and it was soooo good.  I fear it may not last though.  The servers were pretty clueless and rushing around like mad.  They seemed to have little or no experience.  Not a good way to start off if you are a restaurant owner.  The owner seemed nice, but he should have been cracking the whip.  I'm not complaining because the service was terrible, I just want the owner to hire a good manager and good servers so his place will stay in business and I can go over there to eat as much as possible!!  I want him to succeed.  We need good food in this town!

Well come back later and I'll tell you how my dinner was and you may get to see some pots too.