Pot in Use

I received this image of a salt glazed mug of mine from my pal Scott the other day.

Here's what Scott had to say,

This mug was gifted to me a few years ago, which was my introduction to your
pots. This mug is in my Top 3 favorites because it's functional... it holds
just the right amount of coffee and keeps it nice & warm and it seems less
prone to spilling or sloshing out than some mugs.  It's visually
appealing...  I love the color and surface decoration, especially the little
"drippies" around the top that just make me smile for some reason.  And I
love the way it feels in my hand... it fits my hand like it was custom-made
for me and my fingers can't help touching the little wheel-shaped
impressions.  Thanks for a great mug Ron!

It's good to know that my pots are out there enriching others lives and experiences.