What Am I Doing??

There has been no major action in the studio since last week.  I am Thinking a lot though.  That's good right?

Jen Mecca and I went up to Pottery 101 in Salisbury yesterday to set up the exhibition featuring Amy Sanders, Julie Wiggins, Jen and Me.  Yay! It looks awesome.  The opening is this Friday.

I've also been listing pots on Etsy.  I am trying to increase my stock there so I am adding new pots daily.  Here's a creamer that going up later tonight.

I think these are cool little pots.  I don't know if this Pink and Light Blue thing is just a phase but it's fun you know.  I'm sure some will say, What the hell is Ron doing?!  Honestly, I didn't see these flowery pots coming but I'm having a good time drawing them and using these soft glazes.  Who knows what's coming up next, Blood Thirsty Raccoons maybe.  We'll see.