Blogging Funk

I've been in sort of a funk lately and haven't felt like posting much.  I am getting pots made and things are generally good.  I have been having lower leg and behind the knee pains for a while now and it's getting pretty frustrating, especially at night when I try to go to sleep.  I think some anti-fatigue mats are in store for the studio and I got new insoles for my work shoes. (I'm Gel-ing)

I have been putting effort into my Online Store and that seems to be paying off.  I would love to bring in more income from online sales.

I've also just sent new images and information to two galleries that I'd really love to have work in, or be included in a show.  Fingers crossed.

Anything you all want to discuss or have me post this week?  I'm open for suggestions.

Okay, have a good Monday.  I've talked Sarah into going out for pizza later so I'd better go finish up work in the studio!