Maiolica in the Fitzwilliam Collection

You may remember me mentioning this book before.  I love, love, love it and got it out last night for some inspiration.

Today I found that the collection is online on the Fitzwilliam's website.

Amazing!! All in color too.  Here is the Link to the maiolica collection.

They also have a nice stoneware collection. Click here.  I haven't made it all the way through yet, but there are some fine celadons.

Anyhow it's so cool to have all this information online.  Still nothing beats seeing pots in person and I'd love to visit the Fitzwilliam sometime.

When looking at images in books or online I try to pay attention to the dimensions.  It's so funny how I can look at a bowl and think it's much larger than it really is.  Most of the pots I like on the site are 16-24 cm.  Weird b/c  just from looking at the pics they seem larger.

Shapes can be deceiving too.  Esp. with bowls that are photographed from the top.  One cool feature of the book is that there is a dictionary of shapes at the end, technical line drawings and cross sections.  Each entry in the book has a number and you can go to the back and see the drawing of the cross section.  (very handy if you want to shoot out to the studio and try to make one).