One Yunomi. Two Yunomi

A while back I said in a post that I didn't make yunomi's any more because they didn't sell well.  That was a bit of an exaggeration and Carter from Georgia (who reads the blog) commented on this statement and how it seemed at odds with some other stuff I had written. (The making pots that are almost guaranteed to sell).  Anyhow I couldn't disagree with Carter (he's much too smart for me, and logical too).

What I may have meant was that in the past I made loads of yunomi and possibly my supply exceeded any demand for them. Especially in Shelby.

I made these two  recently and was very pleased with both of them.   I like the wide feet and the straight sided-ness of them.  They feel good in the hand. I also have one decorated with an Owl, but I've kept it for myself!

I've listed both of these in my Online Shop.  You can see a few more views of each there. SOLD

I'm sure I'll be making some more yunomi soon.